wayfinding for (university) library 
designed for: Cyprus university of technology
Vasilis Michaelides public library

This wayfinding project helps students and visitors (en&gr) navigate their way in the library halls and many bookshelves. The library offers a generous range of books with several to many, book thematics.
Visitors are introduced to the thematics upon entering the space, with a large one-piece sign, displaying all book thematics and building blueprint. The book thematics are color and letter-coded ( "I-O, A-H" ), both for more intuitive navigation and color-blind accessibility. 
Based on the university's visual identity, this wayfinding design cherishes branding elements such as squares-pixels, the abacus symbol ( ] ),  color palette, and slab serif typography.​​​​​​​
Note: Images above are mockups for illustration purposes. Actual signage is currently in the making.
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